Of Being (Like) A Person You Used To Know

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For the past few months, I began to play DOTA 2 more frequently. I couldn't remember when was the last time I played DOTA 1. Meanwhile, my younger bro still playing older version. I kept on asking him to switch to DOTA 2 ASAP, but he still yet to do it. In fact, I insisted. Oh well, you'll switch to the newer version, eventually. 

Through the D2 community in a forum X, I made many new friends. We even had some mini gathering to break fasting and Eid gath. I'm having a good time, since I couldn't recall when was the last time I had some social interaction, REAL social interaction. 

So there is this one girl, told me that I really look like one of a person he know. Hmmm. I got that a lot. Seems I'm having too many 'doppelganger'. So I am not surprise.

I continued my life as usual. In fact, I almost forgot about it several days later.

The WTF thing is, I got a call from unknown number one night, saying that she wanted to talk to me. She somehow got my number from one of the member in the community I'm hanging out with. She said that she feels like she REALLY HAD to talk to me, since I really look like a person she know. Wait...that was wrong. I really look like a person she USED to know. 

Guess who? 

Her exboyfriend.


I kept on talking to her, and answering her every questions. I could tell that she was nervous, from the way she talk - stuttered a lot. As we talked more, she said I really reminded her of her ex. My way of speech, my style of forum posting, etc etc. I knew she had to do this - to release loads of pain of her chest.

I asked of her name and forum ID but she refused to give it. "Do your own homework". In the end, I still don't know her name and who she is. 

Really, really WTF...

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